School Info

Christian Missionary Alliance Church Union Tseung Kwan O Alliance Kindergarten was founded in 1994 and has been a Christian non-profit kindergarten for more than 20 years. The purpose of our school is to establish a positive outlook on a child’s life through biblical truth, to provide them with a wide range of teaching activities to inspire their potential and to create a rich learning environment to enhance the importance of learning development. Our school views parents as partners and actively encourages the spirit of home and school cooperation in order to jointly cultivate the pillars of the future society. We promote the “project learning” teaching method to cultivate children’s interests through outdoor teaching methods, which include; outdoor visits, data collection, analysis and discussion, scientific experiments and artistic creation. In addition, our school hires foreign English and Putonghua teachers to provide children with an advanced foreign language learning environment and to develop and improve their bilingual and trilingual skills.