The school runs in the spirit of Christ, infiltrating the campus with the love of Jesus Christ. Through Bible stories, religious weekly meetings, morning and noon praise songs and prayers, children can identify the Father from a young age and pass on Bible truths to others. Our school also co-organizes the Saturday Parents’ Corner with Houde Church which allows parents and family member’s salvation together and whole family blessings. The school focuses on the development of a child’s morality, actively promotes life education, cultivates positive thinking and positive attitude through religious activities, moral education and life stories, role-playing and other activities and allowing children to learn to love and respect themselves.

A resource-rich environment, relaxed atmosphere and guidance of the teaching model, allows stimulation of a children’s curiosity of things and to help children to find the answer in the natural situation.
In advance, children can get personal experience from the actual operation by combining old and new knowledge to inspire personal potential.
In the process of exploring and solving problems, children are encouraged to try their best so that they can cultivate perseverance and enhance their ability of independent thinking.

The school pays attention to environmental protection education which teaches students to treasure food and care for the environment from an early age. This also encourages parents and family members to spread the message of “saving things and reducing waste” to the community. This year, the school participated in the Green School Project and Qi Xifu Campus Activities, and won the “Recognition Award” and “Merit Award” respectively.

According to the development of children, the school provides mathematical activities which in turn allows children to use different mathematical concepts in life

In order to cultivate children to learn the interest of different languages, we provide children with a rich listening, speaking, reading and writing environment.

The children touch a wide range of artistic material to stimulate their creative ability

The teachers set up physical activity time for developing the skills of controlling body and limb in children.

透過參與探索活動培養幼兒的科學探索精神,同時利用電子工具Our school cultivates children’s scientific exploration spirit through participating in systematic activities and use of electronic tools to engage scientific learning. 幫助幼兒學習

Through different group activities and story-playing, learn to build good relationships with peers and enhance community development